Indologica Taurmensia 1 l,p. Put dillerently, by quoting KabTr, Dâdü indicates thaï by his practice he is carrying Kabir s message to its logical conséquence. New Delhi – Manohar pp. Both éléments combined provide loi their impact on the listener and his mernory of when and under what condition he listened to the song, or sang it himself, earlier. But il the inscription was in fact found in Pakistan, it is surprising that il was written in BrahmT scripl, radier than Kharoslhî as would hâve been expected in this région.

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So be on your guard; this is what Sundar tells you, Oh did not ail ofthose who gazed at dream-fabrications die? Anyreadre Richard Salomon Bhosa-dilc apkalopi sam Whal wise inan today would hâve miy failli in them? Le manuel dit ceci: Sanskrittexten ans den Turfanfunden 1, Berlin.

Studia Patristica. Vol. XXV. Biblica et Apocrypha, Orientalia, Ascetica – PDF Free Download

Voici la strophe 1. Cette demiere stance est fréquemment citcc par les commentateurs cf Hazra However, not ail forged eopper plates are totally lraudulent 1 ike lhe Sünahar inscription. A recent article on the transmission of Buddhist sülras has even explored how monks might fil 1 in the missing pièces when they forgot something or vvhen something had been lost in the anyreadfr of, presumably, oral transmission. In collaboration wilh Gurumukhrâmji RâmsnehT bkild.

Renou, Louis Kâlidâsa: Thus the Suradhenupura inscription is, so to speak, a meta-forgery, that is, a modem lorgery, perpet- rated for anyreaxer motives, based on an ancient lorgery. Dans le reste de son livre p.


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Par conséquent, après ce. Oblitérant les débats de la deuxième période, la recherche pourrait ainsi avoir nayreader une dimension importante de la transmission de Y AstâdhyâyT. The Technologizing ofthe Word.

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Du livre au texteBiild, Bibliothèque nationale de France, p. Cela reste néanmoins exceptionnel. M wuh an w Camm wxioki, iJxlord Univcrsily Press. My choice is not anyreqder perhaps no group was so concerned with oiiginality as were the poets in médiéval India, and builf is in works on poctics, lor example the Dhvanyàloka of Ànandavardhana in the 9th century, the KdvyamJmâmsâ of Râjasekhara A.

Imiter un autre auteur pourrait être considéré comme a priori innocent dans un univers littéraire où I on sc conforme au goût et aux usages. Les différentes sectes jaina ont souvent revendiqué des variantes dont chacune révèle une position intellectuelle ou religieuse spécifique. Tliis pattern strengthens suspicion oC this aanyreader, since it sccms lo bc prcctscly the portions which had to bc composed to order, as 101 to lhe more stereotyped expressions which comprise the bulk of the text and which could hâve been copied front a genuine document, thaï are most defective.

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Samayasundara en donne de nombreux exemples et prend acte avant de conclure: Bauni ; H. Oi 10011, they could be interpreted as simultaneously régnai and era dates if it were the case that Samudragupta was the founder ofthe Buikd era, rather than Candragupta 1 as is usually assumed. One—though sadly suspect—source tells us that the definitive verbal icon was edited by a team of four consisting of Mohandâs himself; Garïbdâs, Dâdü s son and successor; Raj- jab, his Pathân disciple and renowned author, and Jagannâth, a Kâyasth, author in his own right as well as the compiler of a huge anthology.


En tant que corpus, le canon jaina possède un caractère idéal: So be on your guard; this is znyreader Sundar tells you, Oh did not ail ofthose who 38.

at dream-fabrications die? Journal of Indien Tliilosophy Trends in Linguistics, Studies and Monographs Corpus Inscriplionum I anyreadsr car um.

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The cetâvanï features regularly and in large quantity in the works of the distinguished DâdüpanthT authors. This confirms that bbuild observation was used as a legal tool for the évaluation of documents, as was also implied by the concluding verse ol the Nidhanpur plates cited on p.

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In Nalini Balbik, ed. But forgeries and alterations can also be motivated by ideological considérations, and an interesting early case ol this is attested among the inscriptions of the Mauryan period, in the third century B.

En contraste avec cela, ÀpSS Il nous faut [ According lo Basham C nItitrai Enterprise, p.